City Hall Advocacy (Jan-Mar)

Risk Management (Jan-Apr)


Legislative Advocacy (Apr)

Learn how to make the case for concrete policy changes at City Hall. 

Could your organization withstand politically motivated attacks? This workshop helps groups assess potential areas of vulnerability or weakness on various aspects of organizational capacity, from strategy to finance, and become better prepared to help your staff and organization respond to new challenges.

This workshop helps nonprofits understand the legal limits around how much lobbying they are allowed to do without jeopardizing their tax exempt status.

Healing Justice (June, Sept)

Doing the daily work of social change can expose us to trauma and lead to burn out. This workshop helps participants get in touch with their personal leadership and vision, build strategies for healing and resilience, and think about how to implement strategies in their organizations.

Community Organizing (July)

For grassroots organizations led by people directly impacted by injustice. This workshop will help you understand and perfect the art of bringing people together, developing their leadership, taking on institutions and building people power to win concrete changes. Each year focuses on a different aspect of community organizing work.

Grassroots Fundraising (Aug-Jan)

How to involve your membership in asking individuals for money and increase your fundraising, including through grassroots fundraising, major donors, and events. This workshop includes ongoing support throughout your fall fundraising campaign.

Management and Supervision (Sept)

Supervising staff is hard, especially when you are facing institutional racism, sexism, or other oppressive forces. Learn how to hire superstars, develop their leadership, delegate effectively without micromanaging, and manage for results.

Financial Management (Oct)

What should nonprofit boards and senior leaders be paying attention to in order to manage their finances well? This workshop covers building financial health, being audit ready, and budgeting for your future.

Multi-Racial Solidarity (Oct)

In the age of Trump and attacks from Washington, communities of color can build greater power by joining forces. This workshop covers how we work together across lines of difference for a stronger movement.

Grant Writing (Nov)

Are your proposals highly effective in communicating your work to potential funders? Learn in this workshop to hone your grant writing skills, including getting feedback on a real proposal draft.

Communications (Dec)

How do you tell the best stories about your work to inspire people to volunteer, give, and join your efforts? What messages resonate with the public and the media? Each year, this workshop addresses a different area of communications work, such as narrative strategy, storytelling, getting press, and social media.